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Antepsin Solution now available

November 2020, Antepsin solution is now available from our UK warehouse.

Relyne GI available now

October 2020, Relyne GI is now available from our UK warehouse.

UK licensed Dectomax available

September 2020, Dectomax Injection is now available from our UK warehouse.

Special Import Products available in our warehouse

We stock an extensive range of Special Import Products.


We now stock a comprehensive range of premium quality SilverGlide sutures, specifically designed for the veterinary world. All SilverGlide sutures are produced with a high quality, swaged on needle in an individual, sterile pack. SilverGlide sutures…

New UK licensed Amoxicillin – Trymox LA available

June 2020:  Trymox LA injection (Amoxycillin) is now available from our UK warehouse. A broad spectrum antibiotic containing 150mg/ml of Amoxicillin (as Amoxicillin trihydrate). (Similar to Betamox LA). It is used to treat a wide range…

PPE supplies available in our warehouse

May 2020.  We have supplies available to order of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Infrared Thermometers.  These hand-held temperature guns will read body temperatures from the human forehead accurately within 1 second. Face…

UK Stock Shortage – Foston 20%

April 2020:  Foston 20% injection (Toldimphos sodium) is currently out of stock from UK wholesalers, as a recall has been issued for this product. You…

UK Stock Shortage – Vitamin E Injection

March 2020:  Vitamin E injection is currently out of stock from UK wholesalers. We have a Special Import alternative now available in our warehouse:  Vitamin E-Selen-Losung (Kela)  

Business update – Covid 19

March 2020 Despite these challenging times, we at Merlin Vet, are continuing to work together effectively and safely. At present, we are able to provide our regular service to all clients and will endeavour to fulfill all orders to help our…