Shipping and Returns

Last updated: July 20 2019


  • International shipping is an additional charge levied on each order according to weight and in line with DHL International tarriffs, payable at the time of invoice.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safe arrival of all orders we understand that damage may sometimes occur to goods in transit. We cannot accept any returns due to the difficulties and costs involved with shipping however should damaged goods arrive we will view each case on its merits by way of digital images through email.
  • Products in transit are not covered by any additional insurance policy over, should you wish to insure your shipment please let us know and an additional charge will be added.
  • In the event of stock shortages beyond our control we reserve the right to refund but do not undertake to complete the order.
  • We are happy to supply refridgerated goods which will be packaged in specific temperature controlled boxes at a small additional shipping charge. Boxes guarantee temperature control up to 72 hours. We cannot accept responsibility for temperatures outwith the refridgeration range beyond 72 hours.

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